Your Rights, Our Duty... and those Others

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Portfolio knows that it must bring added value to the partnership with the dealer. Here's the proof.

Portfolio knows that regular face-to-face meetings with you to review financial results will improve performance and maximize profits.
   Others believe that they can just send reports in the mail and hide from the dealer.

Portfolio has developed a way for all of a dealer's aftermarket F&I products to have their premiums paid into the reinsurance company.
   Others try to keep these very profitable premiums for themselves.

Portfolio knows that you should have confidence in your company's structure and be protected from legal and tax issues. Portfolio has directly faced the IRS and spent over a million dollars to earn two IRS Technical Advice Memoranda (TAMs) approving our program’s structure and operations. (these are available for review upon request) 
   Others piggyback on our rulings at the risk of jeopardy to the dealer.
More on the TAMs

Portfolio utilizes the best outside legal, investment and tax consultants in the industry. We believe in the flexibility and value of outside advisors, and don't believe we need them as employees. For example, one of the nation's largest and most respected automotive dealer CPA firms prepares the reinsurance company tax returns for Portfolio dealers because they keep current on tax laws and deliver accurate and timely value to the process every year.
   Others rely on in-house personnel to provide tax services and legal advice.

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