The Dealership's Customer

The Dealership's CustomerTaking care of the customers comes first. After all, their hard earned dollars support everything. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the factories, the big lenders and/or outside insurance providers who are at the core of the dealership business. The customer is central. When we add in the dealership's costs of marketing and advertising to bring in a new buying customer- from whom the dealership wants repeat business- the dealer and Portfolio have an imperative to take care of the customer.

The contract with the customer to cover mechanical repairs, or to provide GAP coverage, scratch and dent, tire and wheel protection, or anything else, spells out the promise of performance and the two parties' mutual responsibilities. But contracts can go only so far in describing real world market relationships. Beyond the words of the contract the dealership must perform to the benefit of both parties' interests within the spirit of their agreement.

With Portfolio the dealer builds an asset to take care of valued customers.

Finally, all Portfolio F&I products are underwritten by A Rated insurers, so the customer is under the best rated protection available. Portfolio is the way to make taking care of the customer easier.
The Dealership