Leadership Team

Steve Burke

Founder of Portfolio & Chief Executive of Sales

Mr. Burke leads our team of independent agents and employees who directly serve dealerships. He has been in the automobile business for the past 40 years, beginning with 9 years in dealerships as a manager then dealer-owner. He is a graduate of General Motors Institute Dealer Management School. Since 1983 he has been in the Vehicle Service Contract and Reinsurance Management business.

Mr. Burke is one of the pioneers of the reinsurance concept, and the Portfolio reinsurance structure is recognized widely as setting the highest industry standards. His principled leadership of Portfolio for over 25 years has led to not only consistently high growth but a comprehensive unified approach to delivering profits and a personal wealth asset to automotive dealers of all kinds.

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Brent Griggs

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Griggs joined Portfolio in early 2013 as President, coming from Lyndon Property and Casualty Company, where he served as Chairman and CEO. In addition to his service at Lyndon Property Insurance, Mr. Griggs led Protective Life Corporation’s Asset Protection Division. This division included the company’s dealer finance and insurance business, which he helped grow into an industry leader in the vehicle service contract, GAP and credit insurance markets. Before joining Protective, Mr. Griggs co-founded AutoQuest Administrative Services, a national vehicle service contract marketer and administrator.

Mr. Griggs leads the company with high level expertise in the insurance industry combined with the leadership skills to create a company culture centered on four core values: Create Wealth, Serve People, Build Trust, Simplify Everything.

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Dan Haugen

Chief Sales Officer

Named Chief Sales Officer in 2016, Mr. Haugen joined Portfolio in 2006 to head product sales, development, and operations. In 2013 he became COO to lead the technology, compliance and product administration teams in addition to overall operations.

A consummate management professional, he holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of San Diego, has completed the Executive Program in Business Administration from Columbia University, earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and has completed hundreds of hours in Management, Leadership and Technology Training.

Prior to joining Portfolio, Mr. Haugen spent 6 years as the owner and CEO of Prizm Solutions, a highly respected administrator of vehicle service contracts. Mr, Haugen brings vast experience in technology, sales and management to Portfolio.

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Lori Hallissey

Chief Operating Officer

Lori Hallissey joined Portfolio in 2016 as Chief Operating Officer. She brings exceptional experience and talent to this critical role in making the Portfolio experience for the dealer, agent, and consumer the best in the industry.

Before assuming this Portfolio role Ms. Hallissey served as Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience at Allstate Dealers Services, leading a team of 75 that managed all aspects of VSC, GAP and ancillary product administration for both new business and in-force business.

Prior to Allstate she served as Senior Vice President of Administration for the Asset Protection Division of Protective Life. She led core teams totaling 210 employees in administering new and in-force business, technology conversions, vendor selection and implementation, customer service, and all claims activities.

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Robert Dickey

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Dickey became part of the Portfolio leadership team in 2015, most recently having held executive leadership positions at Protective Life’s Asset Protection Division. He heads up Portfolio’s investor relations, financial reporting, financial forecasting and analysis, and oversees all accounting department functions.

At Protective he created a high performance culture with improved risk management, increased transparency and compliance, streamlined product development processes, and enhanced reinsurance and general accounting procedures. Prior to that he held executive positions at Assurant in P&C and life insurance accounting, financial reporting and analysis, captive reinsurance, and general accounting. Mr. Dickey is a licensed CPA with a BS in Accounting from the University of Florida, an MBA from Maryville University and is a Chartered Global Management Accountant, with additional professional certification in Project Management.

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Mark Powell

National Managing Director

Mr. Powell and Mr. Burke have been in business together for the past 33 years, starting in dealerships in Oklahoma. Mr. Powell has held almost every management position in an automobile dealership and continues to use that expertise to advise Portfolio agents and dealer clients. Mr. Powell believes that success in business requires taking less than you give, and bringing positive results to the goals created and set by the facts of dealership and reinsurance company ownership.

Mr. Powell also laid the original groundwork for the Portfolio distribution system and still assists in the training and development of Portfolio’s Managing Directors, Reinsurance Specialists and Agents. Mr. Powell travels about 40 weeks a year from his home base in Dallas, making presentations, attending board meetings and reviewing quarterly financial results with dealers.

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Gregory Hoffman

Managing Director, Eastern US; CEO of Resources Management Group (RMG)

After a successful career in retail automotive management Mr. Hoffman formed Resources Management Group, a highly successful F&I consulting & compliance agency serving dealers throughout the U.S.  He became a Managing Director of Portfolio in 2007.

Mr. Hoffman leads the company’s market growth among dealerships in the Eastern US through both independent agents and RMG. He specializes in income development strategies, structuring reinsurance companies, and risk analysis. His advisory services are utilized by many dealer CPA firms and automotive attorneys for structure analysis and estate planning. Greg Hoffman is a frequent speaker to automotive CPA & attorney industry groups.

He holds a BA in Economics & Finance from Providence College and attended General Motors Dealer Candidate Academy at Northwood.

Graye Wolfe

Managing Director, Western US

Before joining Portfolio in 2002, Mr. Wolfe headed his family’s Golden Rule Dealership Group, and was the youngest CEO and principal of any mid-sized automotive group until the business was sold in 1997. Following the sale, he formed Performance Improvement Concepts, Inc. which consulted with numerous large, multi-franchise dealer groups nationwide to develop and grow their business potential.

As a key leader of Portfolio’s business development team, Mr. Wolfe works with independent agents to bring to their dealers his expertise in the formation and management of Portfolio reinsurance companies. He has formed 400 plus dealer-owned companies working with these agencies. Graye is also a respected frequent speaker at NADA events and NADA-NCM 20 Groups.

He is a graduate of Northwood University and the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy.

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Mark Barnes

Senior Vice-President, Revenue & Sales

Mr. Barnes has over 30 years of automotive experience starting with 9 years in dealership Sales, F&I, and Sales Management roles. He then spent 5 years as Reinsurance Account and Lead Cession Manager at one of the largest warranty companies in the U.S. before joining Portfolio in 1996. Mr. Barnes has been instrumental in building Portfolio the past two decades. His hands on dealership experience, operations skills and reinsurance knowledge continue to help Portfolio expand its presence as a leading automotive reinsurance provider.

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