For the Professional Independent Agent

Dealers Are Best Served by Independent Agents

At Portfolio we are firmly committed to delivering the extraordinary value of our programs to dealers through a network of Professional Independent Agents. We believe you want to run your own business successfully and that means you are an entrepreneur, just like every dealer in this country. Your entrepreneurial attitude brings value to us, and our shared dealer clients.

Unlike others, we have no employees calling on your market area, nor some mix of employees and independent representatives, nor any ambition to cut you out of business by sponsoring proprietary programs with third parties. Our employees, from top management through our entire support staff, work only through independent agents to meet dealer needs.

We are dedicated to delivering Portfolio’s value to every dealer in the US through ambitious and professional independent agents. We trust that the agent who represents Portfolio delivers added value to the dealer by providing effective income development, recruiting and training to improve sales to their customers and overall excellent dealership performance.

The Portfolio distribution plan is founded on loyalty and respect for ownership.

It is connected to our promise of true 100% ownership of the reinsurance company by the dealer.  We are loyal to the dealer’s ownership of the reinsurance company. Likewise loyalty demands we respect the relationships you own with your dealers.

Once dealers realize that Portfolio delivers more than the competition, they don’t put much energy into entertaining alternatives. They stay with Portfolio. This serves the professional Portfolio agent well.

Becoming a Portfolio Agent Will Change Your Life

How much energy do you spend fighting off competitors who present “the latest and greatest?”

Portfolio dealers know when they have a good thing. They stay with us for many years because no other program can match Portfolio in both reinsurance benefits and front end profitability. We thank our independent professional agents who have generated clients that remain as clients for all these years.

Could you build your business with this kind of dealer loyalty based on them knowing a good thing even against all that factory pressure?

We think the entrepreneurial agent’s answer is Yes.

We at Portfolio Want Your Agency to Grow

Because we are dealer-centered our sales efforts are led by former successful dealers and GMs who believe in the Portfolio business model. They will help you become more like a partner to the dealer, not just another vendor. These same sales executives are also your partners in building your agency business.


Our sales management team will:

  • Help you with a business-building prospecting system
  • Provide leads and support through our network of dealer CPAs, Attorneys, 20 Groups and Dealer Associations.
  • Go on every sales opportunity that you present
  • Follow up with you on every prospect to conquest more business
  • Go on quarterly meetings with you to review reinsurance company cession reports and to sell new opportunities and solve dealer concerns
  • Strategize with you to install additional reinsured products that meet market needs, which consistently raises your agency’s income.
  • Orchestrate all functions of the reinsurance company’s administration
  • Demonstrate to dealers that your agency is committed to building wealth for their family and success for their dealerships

Be With the Best Program

  • Commissions paid weekly – we don’t hold the dealer’s money, and we don’t hold what you have earned
  • The most established and successful reinsurance platform in the nation
  • We have a long track record of competing successfully against anyone, regardless of size or strength of the company and its programs
  • Top ranking every year in Auto Dealer Today magazine’s Dealers’ Choice Award for VSCs- Reinsurance
  • Financial Strength – over 25 Years with the same insurer, Virginia Surety, rated A- by AM Best
  • Our offices in Lake Forest, California and Dallas, Texas are staffed with experienced people dedicated to our mutual success.  Each is rated one of the BEST PLACES TO WORK, by the Orange County Business Journal for Lake Forest, and by the Texas Association of Business and Texas Monthly magazine for Dallas. We believe happy employees deliver better service to our agents.
  • Products: Know that Portfolio provides all the best-selling products for the F&I department, and can reinsure them all so the dealer knows you are delivering maximum value to the goals of the reinsurance company.

Enterprise Building Through Reinsurance

by Steve Burke, Founder and Chief Executive

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