For Dealer Advisors

For Dealer CPAs


We have discovered that dealership CPAs are our strongest allies in making the case for a dealer to move to Portfolio. Maximizing the return the dealer gets out of the dealership makes sense to you. You also know one of the first rules of profitability is to not send money away to others where it can by withheld or not returned with benefit. Portfolio’s philosophy of the dealer’s 100% ownership of the Affiliated Reinsurance Company and its profits, combined with a long track record of managing reinsurance profitably and in accordance with law, is a good fit with the professional standards of Certified Public Accountants.

  • Our accurate and thorough quarterly reports presented in person to the dealer are the envy of the industry.
  • Our fastidious preparation of reinsurance company tax documents by tax professionals gives confidence and comfort to the dealer’s CPA.
  • Our singular achievement of helping our clients successfully go through an IRS review that examined how we manage dealer reinsurance means we are the best choice for safety and security. More about IRS TAMs >
  • Our commitment to clean documentation and uncomplicated agreements and treaties means we are the best choice for a straightforward and transparent provider.


In these times when management of cash flow is critical, Portfolio serves the dealership well. Our unique Net-Net Remit policy enables the dealership to deduct claims and cancellations dollars from the remittance of new VSC business. This means there is no waiting on checks from us to cover repair claims and product cancellations. Our service contracts contain a requirement that customers return to the selling dealership for covered repairs if within 40 miles.* This results in over 82% of claims being serviced where the vehicle was purchased, contrasted with the industry norm of 25%. The tie-back creates more revenue for the service drive, improves CSI and helps drive customer loyalty. (*20 miles in California)


Portfolio’s loan policy is regarded as the best in the industry. We enable well-structured loans from the dealer’s reinsurance company from up to 75% of unearned premium, plus surplus. This personal source of capital allows the dealer to take advantage of profitable business opportunities without going through the approval process of an outside lender who may put up obstacles.


We support dealership CPAs by helping to educate them on strategies we have discovered to make both the dealership and the dealer’s ARC more profitable. Dealer CPAs are encouraged to contact us to answer questions about reinsurance and for presentations to their firms and professional associations. Contact Us

AICPA (The American Institute of CPAs)

Portfolio has presented to AICPA’s annual Auto Dealer CPA conference each year since 2011 to share our views on how reinsurance works and how it can improve performance throughout the dealership.  We are honored to be a sponsor of this important event.

We also value our relationship with the many CPA firms and other dealer CPA associations we have worked with. We are grateful for the opportunities they have given us to participate in their events and present to their members, clients, partners and associates.

For Dealer Counsel

Portfolio is a proud Associate Member of the National Association of Dealer Counsel (NADC). We attend and support their semi-annual conferences and have made educational presentations to the membership to share what we have learned about participation programs, particularly reinsurance company ownership. We aim to show the implications of profit participation programs in matters that dealer counsel may become involved in, such as succession plans, buy-sell agreements and other contracts. One of Portfolio’s signature achievements is helping two of our dealer clients successfully go through an exhaustive IRS review of our processes and practices. This resulted in two favorable TAM’s (Technical Advice Memoranda) that removed dealer reinsurance companies from “listed transactions” and cleared the way for dealer reinsurance to become a safe and secure part of today’s dealer success strategy. More about IRS TAMs > We welcome inquiries from any dealer attorney who would like to know more about reinsurance from our perspective. We can arrange a full presentation of the Evolution of Reinsurance that could assist you in reviewing plans that your clients may be involved in or considering. Contact Us

Dealer Bill of Rights

Our Bill of Rights for the Dealer

As dealer counsel or dealership CPA you can appreciate the value of rules and standards. As an American you can appreciate how people have rights that prevent others from interfering with the pursuit of happiness.

We describe our commitment to 100% ownership in ten rights that are inherent to the Portfolio dealer. Most companies don’t have a Constitution, but we do. Every day we demonstrate how our management policies and procedures recognize the dealer’s rights.

These rights are not negotiable and must be protected. They are not “features and benefits” of our program, but are inherent in the dealer’s choice to own a reinsurance company.

The denial of any of these rights must be construed as a financial cost to the dealer reinsurance company.

Any other reinsurance provider should be challenged to prove how their practices uphold the ten rights listed within.

Download Bill of Rights Brochure