Does Portfolio Perform in the Dealership?

It all starts in the dealership

The best reinsurance structure in the world would not be worth much if the provider did not meet the needs of your dealership.

Portfolio recognizes reinsurance success is based on selling cars, selling F&I products, and servicing claims repairs while keeping your customers happy.

Our sales management team and professional independent agent network are largely made up of car people with many years of experience working in dealerships, from the F&I office to GM to dealer principal. They steer our company’s development to satisfy your dealership objectives because they understand your business.

Portfolio is founded on meeting your needs as seen from the showroom, the lot, the F&I office and the service drive. Not from company headquarters.

Dealerships are local businesses with local market needs

• Portfolio has always known this simple fact, and we have made our products and rate charts as flexible and customizable as possible so you can meet the needs of your customers according to your business strategy.

• Our independent agents call on your stores regularly to make sure your F&I profit and CRM goals are being met.

• Our Reinsurance Specialist’s quarterly meetings with you help mesh your reinsurance company’s goals with your dealership’s goals.

• We offer you the full catalog of VSCs, warranties, and ancillary products. If you come up with a new idea, we will do our best to build that product for you, profitably, with a win-win-win for your customer, dealership, and reinsurance company.

Dealers Like You Vote Us at the Top Every Year

Portfolio has earned a top ranking every year since 2008 when Auto Dealer Today magazine began surveying dealer principals on their satisfaction with reinsurance providers, in the annual Dealers’ Choice Awards audited survey. We are the only company to achieve this.

Skeptical about surveys? You don’t need to only believe a survey’s results for this endorsement. We are so confident of our dealers’ satisfaction with our performance that, after you get a proposal from us, we will provide you a list of over 600 dealership owners who can testify about their success with Portfolio.

Every franchise. Nationwide.

Plus independent, RV and powersport dealers.

Some Unique Dealership Benefits

• Tie-back on VSC Repairs. As far as we can tell Portfolio is unique in the industry by including in the customer‘s VSC contract a 40 mile* tie-back to your dealership for those claims repairs. This enables you to better deliver on the promise of the Vehicle Service Contract and keep claims payments in your store. (*Restrictions may apply in some states.)

• “A” Person.We encourage you to be involved in critical claims decisions to ensure customer satisfaction so we ask you to assign an A Person manager to review gray-area claims and other CSI matters. Other companies shut you out of such claims decisions.

• Net-Net Remit. Portfolio is also unique in the industry by encouraging you to net-net remit your business. What is this? Rather than waiting on us to send you a check, you can deduct approved claims and cancellations from your new business remit. This simplifies your receivables and helps with cash flow.

We deliver every available and profitable benefit that makes sense.