Need Better Access to Your Reinsurance Company Asset?

Access. It's all about your personal control.

Your Portfolio reinsurance company (ARC) is an asset that you own 100%. Your rights of ownership include access to that financial asset.

It’s a real live company with decisions about money in and out, not a paper account. Portfolio makes it easy for you to get maximum benefit from owning and controlling business decisions about your ARC. We think we do it better than anyone else.


Isn’t control all about having an option that only you can say YES to? Your outside lenders don’t always come through for you when you want to borrow. Other participation providers may only allow you to borrow against profits, or at best profits plus a small fraction of unearned premiums. Portfolio enables you to become the lender. You can borrow up to 75% of unearned premium through qualified well-structured loans from your ARC. The money can be loaned to entities like your dealership or other business enterprises because we know you need to jump on some business opportunities, and performing loans are a valid interest-earning asset of any insurance company. More about loans >

Dealer Loans from their ARCs in 2018
Nearly $109 Million *
Since 2007
Over $741 Million
* This is spread over all the dealer reinsurance companies we manage. Only a fraction of dealer owners take loans in a given year.
Dealer Dividends Taken in 2018
$58,465,860 *
Since 2007
Over $412 Million
* This is spread over all the dealer reinsurance companies we manage. Not all dealer owners take dividends each year.


As your asset grows over time it generates profits that can be taken out as dividends. Portfolio dealers take dividends in a big way. You can see a bit of what this means from this past year’s numbers. We make it easy. Other participation structures and providers, perhaps not so much.

Your dividends are used as cash for both business opportunities and family wealth building. As an added benefit, qualified dividend distributions from an ARC are taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary personal income.

More Control For the Dealer


You know how to invest. With Portfolio you choose the brokerage firm where your reserve account is held. Others force you to use firms they are cozy with. We believe your interests are best served by us being flexible enough to manage the flow of money with the investment firm that you choose. And if you prefer, we will provide you a list of firms that other Portfolio dealers have found quite capable and profitable, and you can choose from among them. More about investment control and performance >


You know what F&I products appeal to your customers. We insist you control the product mix sold in your F&I department. We have the full catalog of VSCs, warranties, and ancillary products to choose from. And if we don’t, let us know what you need. If it can be done profitably for your dealership and your ARC, we will develop it for you. Portfolio rate charts have always been the pinnacle of flexibility. We invest a lot in having a team that can respond to dealer requests quickly. This helps your F&I department perform for maximum PVR and keeps your ARC financially healthy.


You want to keep your customers coming back to your dealership. You know best how to manage claims in your service department, so our VSC includes a requirement for the customer to return to your dealership for covered repairs. Breakdowns within 40 miles* of your dealership are sent back to you, and our towing benefits support this. And if your customers’ breakdowns occur farther away, our claims administrators are trained to look after their needs hand-in-hand with your interests. We know you want happy customers.

* Restrictions may apply in some states


Our quarterly financial reports are the envy of the industry. We make the complex simple with the opening pages, and provide granular accounting in the back pages to give you the details about how all your contracts are performing. Our reinsurance specialists meet with you quarterly to review your ARC’s performance. This enables you to make profitable decisions about product mix, rates, and other strategic goals. Others don’t give you easy-to-understand reports to best exercise this control. And worse, they just send them in with no review- unless it’s to deliver bad news about your loss ratios. And then they raise your costs.

Your Freedom

With Portfolio you have the freedom to act on what makes the most sense for your dealership. You can do so many good things when you are not under the control of the factory programs or other providers’ limiting rules and requirements.

You Are Running a Business.

You Are Building a Life.

It’s all about you, not us.