Need more from your participation program?


It’s all about you, the dealer.

Today’s dealers need as much capital under their personal control as they can get. 

The factories, banks, and other sources don’t always come through when the dealer needs to act on an opportunity. Portfolio knows that we can succeed by offering you, the dealer, the most profitable way of building personal wealth under your control, which gives you more financial independence. This wealth is for both business and personal goals. For your dealership, other business ventures, and for your family.

We don’t take a share of your profits. We work for fees only. We ensure you receive 100% of the underwriting profits and investment income earned by your Affiliated Reinsurance Company (ARC). What is reinsurance?

Because we give all the profits to dealers like you, our historical performance numbers tell a story that is better FOR YOU.

Over $1.5 Billion in pre-tax profits earned by Portfolio dealers’ reinsurance companies since 1990.

Over $102 Million in dividends and surplus taken out by dealers in 2018 alone.

Some other providers brag about what they have
returned to dealers in profit participation.
Their numbers are far less than what Portfolio dealers have earned.

We think their low numbers are evidence of another agenda. They don’t get it.

Why do we outperform the others  to your benefit?

We are not an F&I provider that grudgingly accepts that some underwriting profits must be shared with the dealer. We are not an insurance company founded upon controlling as much premium as possible. We are not even that kind of product administrator who primarily wants a high volume of their products in your stores, and is lately more willing to offer you some participation in the underwriting profits.

We are a reinsurance management company first and foremost

We think the underwriting profits and investment income are all yours because:

  • You sold the products,
  • You service the claims repairs,
  • You need the capital to succeed in business
  • You want the wealth to enhance your personal and family life.
  • and we want a partner-type consultative relationship with you

We make your personal wealth central to our business model. We respect your ARC ownership in every way.

We have been delivering on this promise a long time in a big way.

Year End 2018 ITD Performance Record
VSCs and warranties issued ITD 5,072,369
Written Premiums $2,280,397,618.22
Earned Premiums $1,651,755,656.85
Paid Claims $699,460,392.88
Investment Income $554,540,323.42
TOTAL PROFITS (earned premium, less claims, + investment income) $1,506,835,587