What Your Rights Mean to Your Money

Respecting Your Rights Leads to Valuable Benefits

Portfolio’s Rights of Ownership are principles that guide how we manage our dealers’ reinsurance companies. They lead to actual benefits that distinguish the Portfolio program.

We believe these benefits have real dollar value above what other programs offer, and therefore generate more profits for our ARC owners.

Assigning an exact dollar value to each of these benefits is controlled by too many variables to calculate, so we just ask this simple question to any dealer deciding among reinsurance programs.

If everything else were equal among your choice of providers, would you choose having these benefits, or doing without them?

In the Dealership

Portfolio Program Feature Description Benefit to You

40-mile Tieback for VSC Claims
(Restrictions may apply in some states)

Customer is required to come back to your dealership for repairs if within the tieback radius. We believe this is unique to us within the VSC industry.

Control of claims cost, added service department revenue.

Custom Rates, Terms, Coverages on all products

Designed to maximize sales in F&I Department by developing what works best for the dealership’s market and goals.

The dealership can control the balance between upfront profit and ARC revenues. Other programs are far less flexible.

“A Person” Role

Interaction person at dealership for claims discussions, customer satisfaction, managing outside repairs, etc.

This is evidence of a true dealer-owned program with a partner-type program manager, unlike the administrator who is the sole decision maker. It can also reduce loss-costs to the ARC.

Net-Net Remit

Net remit of claims and cancellations from new business remit. All verified by Portfolio.

This option is unique to Portfolio, and is also the sign of a trusted partner. It results in no receivables, no question of amounts, immediate claims review; No interruption of your investments

In the Reinsurance Company

Portfolio Program Feature Description Benefit to You

The Industry’s Best Policy on Loans from Reserves

Make qualified loans of up to 75% of Unearned Premium, and 100% of surplus.

Access to capital under your control. The interest is paid to your ARC. Many of our dealers have made loans for acquisitions and other business investments that generate their own profits.

Ability to Reinsure All Products

The dealer is encouraged to put the premiums from nearly all F&I products into the ARC for more profit. Others say they can’t or won’t pass these profits to dealer.

More profits. We can show expected losses on the “high risk” products that “can’t be reinsured.” We track each product’s  performance separately.

Dealer Chooses Brokerage Firm for Reserve Account

Owner chooses reserve account location and directs investments in a wide array of investment opportunities.

Maximize investment return to build wealth faster. Work with someone you trust. When other providers control the reserve account, they don’t need to listen to the dealer’s investment return goals.

Weekly Movement of Funds

All fund deposits done weekly – immediate cash and no float

Maximize access and growth. Others delay funding the dealer’s account to gain the time value of money for themselves.

Best Quarterly Reporting

In-person detailed quarterly reporting for company betterment and solving issues.

Our reports are easy to understand and use because nothing is hidden. This enables you to make key profit decisions confidently.

Portfolio is Built For the Dealer’s True 100% Ownership