Grow your wealth with your own reinsurance company

Reinsurance for RVs gives the dealer a way to earn more from every sale. As the leader in reinsurance for F&I products, only Portfolio provides the best profit strategy for today’s RV dealer by giving you true ownership of your own reinsurance company.

The result is increased wealth for you, and full control of the profits as a source of business capital and personal wealth. Portfolio makes it simple to do.

How to grow wealth with your reinsurance company

When you offer customers the opportunity for extended coverage of their RV, it’s often an easy decision for them to make—they understand the value of protecting their investment. The demand for F&I protection products is there.

Instead of sending the premium dollars behind those protection products to an insurance company or other F&I provider, Portfolio enables you to keep the money in a reinsurance company owned by you, the dealer. Not the dealership.

You earn all the underwriting profits and investment income, instead of them. (The fact is protection products are profitable for any insurer, which is why they want your business.) At Portfolio, we work for fees only. That’s unlike the other companies that take all or most of the insurance profits for themselves—money you are entitled to keep for yourself.

There is a lot of money on the table.
We help you get all that you deserve.

Just Keep Selling

With Portfolio products, you get a new, reliable source of wealth without having to change the way you do business. Just keep selling RVs, Vehicle Service Contracts, Tire & Wheel, Appearance Protection, etc. — whatever meets your customers’ needs.

As part of our unmatched service and support, we’ll handle all rates, claims, and product development. We perform all administrative responsibilities in full compliance with industry regulations to protect you and your RV business—day in and day out.

Portfolio provides F&I support

We make sure our F&I products are easy to sell. With Portfolio, your RV store receives continuing sales support from our trained, professional Portfolio agents. Our focus is always to help grow your own F&I reinsurance company into a secure and profitable asset for you.

Building Wealth for America’s RV Dealers

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