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Today’s automotive dealers want as much income under their control as possible.

We provide dealers financial independence through our expert management of the dealer’s Affiliated Reinsurance Company.

Since our founding in 1989 our mission has been to deliver every available and profitable benefit that makes sense for the dealership and the dealer’s reinsurance company, while ensuring satisfaction for the retail customer.

There is a lot of money at stake here for dealers.

Reinsurance profits earned by portfolio dealers to date
$741+ million IN DEALER LOANS SINCE 2007
$412+ million IN DEALER DIVIDENDS SINCE 2007

Because the Portfolio dealer owns 100% of the profits, that ownership comes with rights to be respected.


Portfolio will always distinguish itself by an unwavering commitment to the dealer’s 100% ownership of their own reinsurance company and 100% of the underwriting profits and investment income earned by it. We will manage the dealer’s reinsurance company for stability, security and profit with full transparency.

We will support the dealership’s business strategy in F&I and other profit centers, and will deliver every available and profitable benefit within our power that makes sense for the dealership and the Affiliated Reinsurance Company.

We will be an essential partner toward our dealers’ goals of building personal wealth and financial independence for themselves and their families.