Dealer advisors trust Portfolio.

We work closely with our dealers’ legal and financial experts.

Portfolio supports the National Association of Dealer Counsel with an active membership and educational presentations at NADC’s semi-annual conferences. As the industry leader, we are committed to sharing all that we have learned about dealer participation programs — and how reinsurance affects matters that dealer counsel may become involved in, including succession planning, buy-sell agreements and other contracts.

We welcome inquiries from any dealer attorney who would like to know more about reinsurance from our perspective. NADC members are entitled to a free, comprehensive, no-obligation evaluation for every dealer client.

We insist on full transparency and regulatory compliance. That’s why dealer counsel trust and rely on Portfolio.

Portfolio is a proud member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We work hand in hand with CPAs tasked with maximizing profitability for dealer clients. Our affiliated reinsurance company (ARC) structure gives dealers 100% ownership and control of underwriting profits on insurable F&I products in exchange for an upfront and fully disclosed fee.

Our accurate and thorough quarterly reports presented in person to the dealer are the envy of the industry. We are committed to clean documentation, uncomplicated agreements and fastidious preparation of ARC tax documents. Our dealers can take loans on 100% of earned premiums and up to 75% of unearned premiums, and the interest is paid to their reinsurance companies, not to us.

Portfolio’s net-net remit policy enables the dealer to deduct claims and cancellation dollars from the remittance of new VSC business. Our 40-mile VSC tieback (20 miles in California) ensures more customers return to the selling dealership for expert service.

Finally, Portfolio is also the only reinsurance provider that has successfully completed a thorough, multipronged IRS review that resulted in the issuance of two Technical Advice Memoranda certifying our programs and processes are unassailable and work to the benefit of our clients.

As many investment advisors have learned, some dealer reinsurance providers place onerous restrictions on where and when underwriting profits can be invested. Portfolio is not among them.

Portfolio dealers decide how to invest the earnings their ARCs generate. They are free to work with their own advisors to make the investment decisions that work best for them, their businesses and their families.

And when the need for funds arises — for any reason, business or personal — Portfolio dealers enjoy the reinsurance industry’s most generous and flexible loan program. It’s the dealer’s money to borrow, and their ARC earns the interest.