Last week, our president and CEO, Jeremy Lux, along with several Portfolio executives, bestowed our recognition awards — the Associate Core Value Awards. These awards recognize outstanding associates for their commitment to our shared company values:

  • Building Trust
  • Serving People
  • Embracing Innovation and Change
  • Improving Continuously

Our recipients for this awards cycle are:

  • Building Trust: Establishing a level of credibility not only with our customers but also with our own colleagues. Winner ­— Trini Gutierrez, GAP and Theft Claims Supervisor.
  • Serving People: Paying attention to the needs of our customers and maintaining high standards for customer service. Winner ­— Amy Young, Corporate Events Manager.
  • Embracing Innovation and Change: Having the ability to view changes within our organization and within our industry as opportunities that are not to be feared. Winner ­— Carina Hughes, Maintenance Pre-Notification Manager.
  • Improving Continuously: Bettering ourselves, our products and our services on an ongoing basis in order to achieve our end goals. Winner ­— Kim Liguzinski, GAP and Theft Claims Supervisor.

Several associates also had the honor of winning our Compass and Spotlight Awards. Compass Awards are given to associates who exemplify all of our core values and personify our company culture.

Compass Awards were given to the following recipients:

  • Kevin Arrieta, Claims (Texas)
  • Christian Dohar, Shipping (Ohio)
  • Abigail King, Client Relations (Ohio)
  • Alexis Ward, Client Relations (Ohio)
  • Anne Revermann, PRO Consulting

Spotlight Awards are given to associates who have been with the company for under 18 months yet have made an enormous impact in their new roles at the company.

The Spotlight Awards were given to the following associates:

  • Anna Gallegos, Claims (Texas)
  • Anthony Powers, Shipping (Ohio)
  • Lee McDonald, Claims (Texas)
  • Cory Ortiz, Risk (Lake Forest)
  • Kayla Foerster, PRO Consulting

Please join us in congratulating our esteemed colleagues on a job very well done! In the spring of 2024 we will recognize more Core Value Award winners.