Kevin Arrieta recently was named one of Portfolio’s associates of the month. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Kevin’s roots run deep, as does his love for football, particularly the Dallas Cowboys. But beyond his passion for sports lies a profound devotion to his family and his work. His wife, Bianca, and his young son and daughter inspire him greatly. “My family is my why. They are the reason why I come to work and why I do everything with intention. I work hard and make sure I add value to everyone I come across each day.”

As a mechanical claims manager, Kevin’s journey intertwines professional prowess with personal values. With nearly four years under his belt at Portfolio, Kevin oversees operations in both Dallas and Ohio, managing a team of 60 agents. “I start my days meeting with agents and direct reports to see how we can help. I get really involved in the day-to-day when it comes to claims, from simple customer service to a more thorough leadership role. I like to be involved in all aspects of the claims procedures.”

His days are a whirlwind of meetings, forecasting what is to come based on prior experience and interacting with other groups across the organization, including GAP protection, payments and contract administration. “Although claims is a fairly standalone department, working with these other teams helps to make our jobs easier.”

Kevin and his team like to be prepared for the unexpected and stand ready to handle adversity or change. “That’s part of our core values,” Kevin says. “We embrace innovation and change daily in our group.”

Drawing from a diverse background, Kevin’s experience spans 12 years on the dealership side of the automotive industry, notably with Mercedes-Benz. This background lends him a unique perspective, enabling him to connect with dealers, service advisors and technicians alike. Kevin explains that his past work experience helps him to really understand who our customers are. “I can relate to them because I’ve been on the other side.”

Kevin’s leadership extends far beyond the office. Rooted in faith and guided by mentors at Portfolio, he continually seeks growth and self-improvement. Actively involved in leadership groups, Kevin embraces lessons he has learned from his peers and the leadership team at Portfolio. “The leadership team has helped me to grow professionally, and their mentorship is one of the best aspects about working at Portfolio.”

Outside of the office, Kevin finds solace in his family and his passions. Boxing serves as both a physical outlet and a metaphor for his unwavering determination. And like any true Texan, he says he enjoys the Lone Star State’s famed barbecue joints and is always on the hunt for the perfect brisket. “Boxing and barbecue are my favorite hobbies!”