Adriana Oregel has served Portfolio’s clients and customers as a GAP and theft claims administrator II for nearly five years. Her commitment to excellence and exceptional work recently led to her award as Associate of the Month.

Based in our Lake Forest office, this Orange County native explains that she has many duties, chief among them “answering calls, responding to emails, adjudicating claims and assisting with requests from administration.” She acts as a liaison in an effort to provide updates, facilitate smooth communications and address inquiries promptly.

Collaboration is key in her position as she works alongside what she calls her “GAP people,” including folks like Director of GAP and Protection Claims Maysoon Ben-Ghaly, GAP and Theft Claims Supervisor Kim Liguzinski and the entire Strongsville, Ohio, GAP claims team.

The nature of her job provides plenty of opportunities to take a proactive approach to problem-solving. Adriana, when explaining the complex nature of her position, says “GAP contract coverage isn’t always black and white. There are some gray areas, and that sometimes requires me to do more research or really look into the contract’s verbiage in order to accurately decipher how it applies in each instance.”

The role can sometimes present challenges that must be faced independently. However, Adriana believes that “when you have to make decisions on your own it is not only the most challenging but also the most rewarding.”

No two days are exactly alike and that keeps Adriana on her toes. “That’s the fun thing about claims — it’s never the same. Every day there’s always something new!” Although Adriana has many years of experience under her belt, she says “I still have a lot of questions because you never really stop learning.”

There are many reasons why Adriana enjoys working at Portfolio, but what she likes best of all are the “good and helpful” people. Some of these fellow associates have become mentors for Adriana. She views Lee Ann Boyd-Bellino, a senior claims adjuster in the group, as one of her most impactful work mentors. “Lee Ann is one of the hardest working women I’ve ever met. She is very ‘by the book,’ structured and disciplined.”

When Adriana is not helping to set the gold standard for claims processing at Portfolio, she is an avid baker who is known for her chocolate flan creation. “I’m known as the Chocoflan Girl,” she laughingly reveals. “I often bring it into the office for potlucks and Christmas parties.” She also loves to travel. This year Adriana was able to take a two-week vacation to Japan. On her travel bucket list are Hong Kong and Shanghai as she and her fellow Disney-enthusiast friends attempt to visit all of the Walt Disney World parks around the globe. “There’s something magical about Disney, even when you’re older,” she says.

She will squeeze in all of this exciting travel while wrapping up her studies at Orange Coast Community College where she is majoring in business administration with a focus in accounting. She is excitedly filling out applications to continue her academic career at a four-year institution.

Adriana has a lot on her plate, yet she still is able to be such an exemplary associate at Portfolio, one who embodies our commitment to unwavering dedication and continuous improvement while striving to provide top-notch service to all of our customers.