Project Horizon is the crucial final step toward the full integration of Portfolio and NAE/NWAN. It is our intent to keep all associates abreast of Project Horizon’s status. Please see below for this month’s most recent updates and announcements.

  • Vander Feature and Reporting development efforts have moved on to Sprint 7. Success in completing all critical items for Phase 1 Go Live relies on timely continued focus on business testing. We must clear our business testing “blockers” — bugs or dependencies that keep developed tickets from being fully testable. Testers, BAs and developers are working together to ensure efficiency in this effort.
  • Associate training materials development for live sessions began in early April, engaging eight Portfolio business units. Training content development has been broken into three five-week cycles for 12 weeks of activity. Cycle 1 ran from April 3 to May 5, engaging 50+ trainers as they completed 114 materials. Cycle 2 kicked off on April 24 and will run until May 28. The Change Management team is hosting biweekly business unit-specific check-ins as well as optional office hours to support training content development and stay apprised of progress.
  • End-to-End Testing concluded its first week with successful pass-rates and exceptional collaboration among the team. In the following weeks, the testing team will focus on completing the remaining test cases, while the development team will address any new fixes identified during End-to-End Testing. Additionally, they will prioritize the resolution of critical and high-priority items in the backlog. Reach out to Mark Slyder if you’re interested in knowing more about Horizon’s testing efforts.
  • The team orchestrating Agent & Dealer Training efforts continues to make good progress. Training content development performed by Business SMEs and the Sales and Marketing team is on track and scheduled to be completed at the end of May. Training agendas and delivery schedules have been communicated to internal associates and legacy Portfolio agents. The most important upcoming milestone for this team will be training delivery which is scheduled for June.

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