Breanna Parriott is still fairly new at Portfolio, and yet she has already proven to be an impactful player on the Client Relations team. Recently, she was bestowed the Associate of the Month award for her dedication and hard work.

Originally from the small town of Bellevue, Ohio, Breanna has had previous experience in the automotive industry. “I worked in the internet department of a local dealership for two years,” she explains. She now finds it interesting to see a different facet of the industry, working for the past year and a half as a client relations specialist out of our Strongsville office.

There’s no “typical” day for Breanna as each day presents new challenges and opportunities. “I like to do what I can for the team even if that means I’m dabbling in different job tasks or different departments,” she explains. Primarily her role involves working with agents and dealers to solve their problems and meet their needs. “Each day I take phone calls regarding contract questions, cancellation questions, supply orders, dealer setups, graphics requests, marketing materials requests and more.”

Breanna spends her day prioritizing these projects and determining how to tackle each one successfully. That entails working hand-in-hand with many groups across the organization. Among others, “I work very closely with the graphics department, shipping and print, claims and the contract processing team.”

She clearly bridges all the groups together in an effort to get the job done. She has received plenty of mentoring during her short tenure at Portfolio which has helped her to become so good at what she does. Client Relations Team Lead Rose Edgar is one such mentor. “Rose is always willing to show me how things are done. She’s been very willing to help me learn. She truly has a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Breanna says she has settled into her role at Portfolio and feels like she is a valued member of the team. “My favorite thing about my position is that it’s never easy! Each day I am pushed to excel and everyone is genuinely interested in having me learn more, to become more knowledgeable and more experienced,” she says.

When Breanna is not working, she likes to spend her time exploring the great outdoors. “I love to travel and I especially love finding new places to hike and camp.” Hocking Hills, a state park in Southern Ohio, is one location that tops her list of places to explore the trails and engage with nature. Outside of Ohio, another place she has enjoyed traveling to is St. Augustine, Fla. “It’s a cute little town, plus I have some family in that area which makes for a nice visit.” She is hoping to one day visit other Portfolio offices and meet in-person some of the associates she interacts with daily.

In the meantime, we can all hope to one day work alongside such a dedicated associate who is effectively collaborating and building positive working relationships across the organization. We wish her continued good luck and success in her role!