Massachusetts native Ryan Cassidy has worked for Resources Management Group (RMG), one of Portfolio’s owned agencies, for seven years. He currently serves as RMG’s director of marketing and business development. Prior to joining RMG and the Portfolio family, Ryan spent five years working in retail automotive, running a business development center for a large dealership group in the Northeast.

“I cover business development and marketing,” Ryan explains. As calls come in and are filtered through his department, his role within the organization entails “confirming new dealership prospecting targets are clear to be engaged by outside agents or RMG sales teams, creating customized presentation materials with draft pricing for each dealership/dealership group, maintaining the CRM to produce reports that track each working deal’s progress, and collaborating with the sales teams to keep each working deal process moving forward.”

On the marketing side, Ryan designs all of RMG’s dealer-facing marketing assets as well as the customer-facing marketing materials for Global Administrators’ protection products.

He likens his role to that of an air traffic controller, trying to keep all the sales teams he works with from running into each other while prospecting for new accounts. This is vitally important to the organization to maintain professionalism, prevent disputes and maximize our chances of landing new accounts.

One aspect that Ryan enjoys about working with RMG and Portfolio is the fact that he has been offered a much better work-life balance than when he worked at the dealer group. “This is a great industry to be in. It’s a niche market that I’m glad I was able to find,” Ryan says, noting that he feels confident asking those he works with for guidance and advice. “I try to learn from everyone.”

In his free time, Ryan has many interests, including music, tennis and golf. Most of all, he savors time with his family.

“I have a 3-year old baby girl,” the proud papa says with enthusiasm. “She really is special.” He and his wife enjoy traveling with their little one and pursuing many outdoor adventures. They have embarked on several international trips, including visits to Portugal and an upcoming trip to England.

We wish this hardworking, dedicated associate and family man continued fulfillment and adventure — both in and out of the office!