Project Horizon is the crucial final step toward the full integration of Portfolio and NAE/NWAN. It is our intent to keep all associates abreast of Project Horizon’s status. Please see below for this month’s most recent updates and announcements.

  • Phase 2 of Project Horizon is underway. Current Vander users and clients who leverage the Portfolio portals are now experiencing new system functionality and optimized business processes. Sprint 11 has closed and Sprint 12 is underway through Sept. 12. The completion of Phase 2 is slated for Nov. 6, when OAMS data is migrated into Vander and all remaining clients are onboarded into Portfolio agent and dealer portals.
  • Hypercare and Production Support have resolved 163 issues since Go-Live. Nine outstanding critical issues are being worked on currently with IT and business support. Now that Hypercare is over, the standard support process is being followed for any new issues uncovered.
  • End-to-End Testing for Phase 2 is being executed in two stages. The first stage began July 31 and will wrap shortly with two tests outstanding. The second stage is planned for Sept. 11 and will consist of the full end-to-end validation of the training environment with combined data setup. Stage 2 E2E Kickoff is scheduled for Aug. 28 and a testing process overview training session is scheduled for Sept. 5 for all Phase 2 testers.
  • Associate Training Phase 2 curriculum reviews have been completed with each business unit. Cycle 5 of training development kicked off on Aug. 21. Phase 2 training resources include a mix of SOPs, live session recordings and how-to articles. A supplemental Vander Overview training is scheduled for Aug. 30 for OAMS users helping with Phase 2 testing.
  • The agent and dealer training curriculum has been finalized and live sessions are underway. The team kicked off live training sessions with legacy NAE agents on Aug. 21. Agent training is being delivered by business SMEs and sales resources and will continue through the weeks of Aug. 28 and Sept. 11. Similar to Phase 1, agents will leverage the content covered during the live sessions to train their dealers and prepare them for Phase 2 Go-Live.


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